Sunday, March 23, 2014

What gets you through?

Some weeks I don't have anything really going on, especially after this crazy cold winter. Sometimes I didn't leave the house for days. Now that it is starting to warm up, I wonder...What got you through the day or week this winter?

Here is my list...
  1. My kids smile
  2. Once a week visit from birth to three therapists
  3. Family
  4. Friends
  5. A phone call or text
  6. Writting
  7. Daily learning of the bible
  8. Sunshine
 What are you looking forward to when the temperature gets warmer?

Here is my list...
  1. No more winter clothes
  2. Open windows
  3. Play time, outside, in the yard
  4. Our yearly trip to a friends cabin
  5. Introducing grass to Samuel
  6. More swimming
  7. Camp fires
  8. Did I say being outside?
This week I feel particularity blessed for the people in my life. We had a good therapy session with birth to three. We went swimming in the local hotel pool. I got my car breaks fixed and the oil changed by a friend while I sat in the house with his wife and all the kids, just chatting and catching up. I got to spend time with my parents. My hubby has off this weekend. Another friend (aka our personal photographer) is dropping in for a chat and to drop off our latest session.  It is weeks like this that I am glad I gave up Facebook. I love connecting with real people, in person.


  1. Conversations with my kids. They light up my day. :) The fact that we've had warmer weather doesn't hurt. We spent the evening on the trampoline!

  2. Oohh that sounds fun. I think my oldest would love a trampoline. We might try it out this summer.