Monday, March 24, 2014

Reflection series- You are growing

I am not sure how fast each of us goes through the chart. I suppose I am in the 60% right now... and Noelie is 1.5 year old. I really do enjoy being with him, making him laugh and smile. Even though we are having to do things like therapy and feeding tubes. The last time I got thrown for a loop was when we got his kid cart. It is good for him. It has a lot of nice features. Everyone else seems to think it is the greatest thing. I, on the other hand, am thrown into a fit a tears because it is a reminder that he has a disability. He may never walk and now it is very obvious. A visual reminder. We work every day in hopes of changing that but coming to this realization is hard. I am sure the next piece of equipment will throw me for another loop but for now I am doing all I can to help him be the best he can be and trying to bring awareness to his disorder.

How have you grown? How long did it take you to move along on the "growth chart"? What throws you for a loop?

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