Friday, March 7, 2014

It's all about perspective

I spent most of yesterday crying over the news that my son will probably have to have another surgery (to fix his hip socket) and that 2 vertebrae in his neck were fused together. I was morning all that he will never be able to do. I was worried about the future and if he was in any pain.

Then my wonderfully practical and common sense husband came home from work. I told him all about my worries and emotions (something I don't think he will ever understand) He said "why are you worrying about this?" I proceeded to explain myself (again) He just looked at me and asked "Did he smile today?" "well yea", "Did he turn his head like he usually does?" "well yea", "Is he as healthy as he has ever been?" "well yea", "After his last few surgeries, has he come out of surgery as well as they expected?" "well yea" Then he says "What are you worried about then? Seems to me like if we do the surgery we are only helping him to not have any pain in the future. We don't know what is all involved in the procedure or the recovery, but they said he should still learn how to walk. And this may even help him with that."

Man I hate it when he is right. Our son does smile a lot. He has come out of the last few surgeries just fine, if not better then expected. Nothing on our son has really changed. Just his diagnoses. And he has been dealing with these things all along. His neck has always been fused, and his hip coming out of the socket has been happening slowly. The only thing that has changed is....our knowledge and understanding of who our son is. This makes me feel better. I am not saying that I still don't have a thousand questions but I realize that our son is exactly how his has always been. And I will do anything to make his life the best that it can be.

I am so thankful for my husband and his ability to help me put things into perspective.


  1. I love how Noel approached this!!!! Baby Noel is the same person he was yesterday, and the day before that. He has beat so many odds. He has done so much I am sure that he will continue to surprise us!

  2. You're so right with your quote about 90% being how we react to it. I will say though, that even when we know what's "wrong" with our children, it still hurts to hear it from a doctor. It makes it more real, and scary somehow. I'm so glad that your husband was able to reassure you with reminders of your son's progress and smiles. That's big stuff.
    Visiting from Love that Max.