Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Better than expected

"Expect the worst, hope for the best." This has gotten me through a lot. There is no way things can really be as bad as I tend to make them out to be in my head. This holds true again today.

Today we met with an orthopedic surgeon as a follow up to the CT scan findings from last week. The CT scan found that our son's left hip was coming out of the socket. This happens to kiddos with low muscle tone or are spastic. Basically, the muscle is too tight and pulls the bone out, or is too loose and doesn't hold it in. Our son has both. The doctor said that it is mild at looks like it is just starting. He said if we work hard at stretching the inner thighs and continue to work on trunk control, crawling, and walking this may fix it's self! This is great news! I went in today thinking that we would be setting a date for surgery (expecting the worst) and we walked out with a renewal of purpose (hoping for the best). Yes we will continue to do all of those things and learned a few new things to add to our therapy sessions. I am so glad that we may be able to avoid surgery and be able to fix this. :)

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