Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ash Wednesday

As I type this both boys are on the floor playing with their favorite toys. I try to give them play time without me there. Alone time is good right? Noelie is playing music and Sam is catching bugs on his mobile.

So today is my first day without going on Facebook. The morning was easy cause we were at the doctors office. This afternoon, after our nap, I was feeding Sam and going through withdrawal.  It was hard but I pushed through. I just looked down at his face and smiled.

SO the news we have been waiting for...the CT scan results! I don't have them yet. :( We did not meet with the doctor so I called at the end of the day. The doc was out of the office, but someone should call me tomorrow. Noelie did great. He cried when he first got on the table but he settled down and fell asleep! Not bad for the first time.

I learned how to do baby massage. Noelie wasn't to sure at first but he settled in and ending up enjoying it.

After Noelie's afternoon feeding I wanted to see if he would sit up again like he did the other day. He did! and for a bit longer this time. He was hunched over a bit more so I stopped him and let him rest. I am very excited about this. Birth to three said that kiddos that can sit on their own by age 2 are usually the ones that end up learning to walk. I am also very excited about this news!

I am anxious to get that phone call tomorrow but I know we will work around what ever the results are. Keeping our fingers crossed...

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