Monday, February 24, 2014

One more back story

Now that I have updated you about my family history, Noelie, and my cancer, there is one more thing...sometime in January 2013 we got pregnant again! For thinking we would never get pregnant at all, now we have two! Of course this was not planned, and we were just getting to a good place with Noelie and were not sure we wanted to do this all over again. Through blood work, I found out at 10 weeks, that it was another boy and did not have downs syndrome or T-13 or 14. Great, another boy. Was he affected? Were we going to have to endure all that worry and pain all over again?

The first ultrasound was "normal". WHAT!!! We don't even know what that means anymore. All the following ultrasounds were "normal" too. Thank God! But wait...what does a normal baby do? Honestly I was almost more scared for normal. 2am feedings, crying, wiggling, rolling...crap. I didn't know how to parent "normal". With Noelie I had LOTS of doctors and nurses to help me. We had a social worker and nurse assigned to us to help navigate appointments and the special needs system, to help us remember and interpret things. We weren't going to have any of that this time. We were on our own, just us. Oh crap.

Well our second baby boy, Samuel (Sam), went full term and was 8 days late. He was a healthy 8lbs +, hungry, and very wiggly. He is now just over 2 months old. Noelie is now 19 months and I think we are finally getting the hang of this.We have good days and bad. They keep me on my toes. Most days I am lacking sleep. I rarely get to catch up with friends because the boys are usually eating, sleeping, crying, or doing therapy. It has also been an unusually cold winter so most days we are hunkered down trying to avoid the cold and getting sick.

We can't wait for spring and warmer weather. That is a bit about our back story and how we got to were we are now. I hope you have enjoyed it so far and follow along to keep up with our crazy life.

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