Wednesday, February 19, 2014


After learning I had cancer we came up with a plan. Because I was pregnant we couldn't do anything till baby Noel was born. Good thing I didn't have to wait long. 1 week to be exact. On the 9 year anniversary of one Grandma's death. Baby Noel (Noelie) was born on July 26th, 2012. I had surgery to completely remove my thyroid but had to wait till my milk ducts were completely dry before I could get the rest of the treatment. 

The week of deer gun season, I took two blue pills. This was the rest of the treatment. Radio-active iodine. This made me so sick, I really looked like death. I was very gray for a whole week. This killed off any cells that may have been left after surgery. The next week I went in for a scan to make sure the cancer was gone. After treatment I went on thyroid medication. Today I am cancer free!

Noelie really is my miracle. I never thought I would get pregnant. If it weren't for my miserably, stuffy nose, while being pregnant, I wouldn't have insisted that it wasn't allergies. I wouldn't have gone in and found the cancer. If I wouldn't have had 2 biopsies on my thyroid, causing high blood pressure, I wouldn't have needed to be observed overnight in the hospital. The doctors would never known that Noelie's heart rate dropped and that he was in trouble. Needless to say, our lives revolve around prayers. Everything happens for a reason. And we are always exactly where we are supposed to be.  

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